Driving Immune-Control of Solid Tumors

Revitope is developing a novel class of T cell engaging antibody circuits that redirect T cells to tumors with broad therapeutic applications in immuno-oncology.

Immune-based therapies are redefining how cancer is treated, as clinical studies demonstate unprecedented deep and durable responses in multiple cancer types. In particular, redirecting T cells to tumors is a successful strategy for immunotherapy, but to date is limited by off-target toxicities and imperfect targets for solid tumors.

Revitope's engineered programmable antibody circuits are focusing immune activation to the cancer cell surface while expanding the antigenic targeting space on solid tumors to widen the therapeutic index in immuno-oncology.

Our Advantages

Safety Advantage

Constraining immune-activation to the cancer cell surface


Specificity Advantage

Expanding the antigenic targeting space in cancer


Efficacy Advantage

Widening the immuno-oncology therapeutic index

Programmable Antibody Circuit Pipeline

Expanding the therapeutic window of T cell redirection therapies for solid tumors using Revitope's programmable antibody circuits has the potential to significantly improve the treatment outcome for millions of cancer patients.

Our focus is on solid tumors where:

T Cell Engaging Antibody Circuit (TEAC) – Mechanism of Action

Antibody Peptide Epitope Circuit (APEC) – Mechanism of Action


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